Construction And Public Works

Construction And Public Works

HIS provides you with complete support from conception to completion of your project. We offer you an all-in-one service and turnkey delivery; all this with customized and environmentally friendly solutions.


Let yourself be seduced by an impeccable rendering according to the realities of your land and the appropriate dimensioning.


Our state-of-the-art machinery and our experienced team will accompany you during your earthworks.

Structural works

From foundations to elevation work, our technicians are at your disposal for a quality service.


For any masonry work, Horizon Immo puts at your disposal masons with several years of experience.

Iron works

Iron work is an art and we put our know-how at your disposal of state-of-the-art ironworkers.


You have cracks in your construction, we offer you adapted waterproofing works.


Give your buildings a new look with a paint job. We choose for you the appropriate paint.

Aluminum, metal, and wood carpentry

Thanks to our advanced carpentry technicians, we bring you the right woodworking for your job.

Metal roofing

If you need a metal frame, we have what you need for a solid building.


For all your plumbing work, you can trust us and we will bring you complete satisfaction.


We provide all sanitary works for the well-being of your environment and your work space.


From the choice of tiles to their installation, we bring you advice and assistance for a satisfactory result.

What we have in addition

Knowing that the customer is king and needs to be treated as such, we take special care in the way we work with you. Your satisfaction is our raison d'être, and we do our utmost to ensure that it is at its highest level.


Our experts give you clear guidelines for the realisation of your project in accordance with the standards.

A clear and explicit quote

We provide you with the most detailed quote possible with an emphasis on transparency.

Choice of materials

We value the quality of the materials used for your project.

Compliance with standards

We carry out your work from start to finish in strict compliance with the relevant standards.

Respecting the terms of the contract

We take our contract as a commitment to be kept and we inform you in the event of a hazard.

Regular reporting

We keep you informed about every detail of the realisation of your project through reporting.

Our Work Process

Consultation Project

Project Planing

Execution Project